Wichita Falls Underdog Express

Underdog Express

As of June 25, 2016, the demand for transport enabled our own local transport program. The Underdog Express was created to handle dog transport in the Wichita Falls area. This is all thanks to Flower Mound’s Love on Wheels. Previously, Underdog Express leaders and volunteers working with Love On Wheels had sent close to 1,500 homeless dogs to upstate New York where they are adopted, often within hours of arriving. The average length of stay for dogs is only 9 days! It is not uncommon for a line of eager potential adopters to form outside the rescue on Saturdays after transport arrivals, even in snow and frigid temperatures!

It costs an average of $170 minimum to vet each dog for transport, and foster families are also needed for each dog for a minimum of two weeks prior to transport. The Underdog Express is one more way we are saving lives in the Falls.