P.E.T.S. News

Jan 2018
Wichita Falls Euthanasia

  Each year, we anxiously await the numbers from our Animal Services Center and the Humane Society. While P.E.T.S. works to end the unnecessary deaths of dogs and cats, we also lessen the burden on Animal Services and the Humane Society. The data they collect shows us how we’re doing. We love what we do, and we love your support in getting it done, but day to day, it becomes easy to imagine that our impact is not substantial. We see litters from those who breed dogs, dogs dumped in the country, cats left behind during a move, and we hear and are a part of stories that might make your blood curdle. This is why we look forward to the numbers. They are a reminder that what the clinic is working towards, what we are all working towards, is not an unreachable......

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