Community Resources for Pets

There are two easy ways you can help prevent euthanasia and decrease our unwanted pet population. First, you can spay and neuter your existing pets. Second, you should always think adoption first. There are many Wichita Falls community resources for pets that can help. Here are some great reasons to adopt a pet:

Why Adopt?

  • Variety: Shelters have all types of pets available for adoption. If you are looking for a specific breed there are rescue groups devoted to almost every breed imaginable. Go to PetFinder for the perfect pet. The PetFinder website will direct you to shelters and rescue groups that have exactly what you are looking for.
  • Money: Shelter and rescue pets are far less expensive than those at a pet store or breeder. 25%-30% of shelter dogs are pure bred and all shelter pets are vet-checked, completely vaccinated, de-wormed, and spayed or neutered.
  • Potty-Training: Potty training is time consuming and requires a strict schedule. Many shelter and rescue animals are already housebroken.
  • Shoes: An older dog is far less likely to chew up your favorite shoes or coffee table leg. Most older dogs can have free run of the house without being destructive.
  • Sitting still: A puppy requires constant attention as he runs wild in your home. An older dog will actually let you relax when you get home from work and just calmly sit at your feet.
  • Vet Visits: Older dogs require far fewer visits to the vet making life easier on you and your pocket book.
  • No Guessing: With an adult dog you know how big he is, what kind of temperament he has, and how active he is. This makes choosing the right dog for you much easier.
  • No Waiting: An older dog is ready to be your companion now. He can travel, take long walks with you, and be trusted at home alone.
  • Bonding: Rescue and shelter dogs are more likely to form a deeper bond with their humans. They know they’re lucky to have a second chance and most make extremely loyal and affectionate pets.

Wichita Falls Area Pet Rescues


Looking for a Cat?

Wichita Falls rescue groups and shelters are not limited to dogs. There are many furry felines searching for loving homes.

In Wichita Falls, we are fortunate to have a group dedicated almost exclusively to cats. The group is called Ms. Fannie’s and is single-handedly responsible for caring for over 17 feral cat communities. This means they feed, trap, spay, neuter, vaccinate and release the adult feral cats in an effort to curb the over population and end their suffering. But Ms. Fannie’s also saves kittens while they are young and can be tamed so that they are great candidates for adoption.

If you are in the market for a new cat or dog, please think adoption first.

View Miss Fannie’s Friends Facebook Page.

Area Shelters

Please check out our area shelters. Even if you are not in the market for a new pet, there are many other ways you can help.

For the Birds   Wild Bird Rescue, Inc.

Wild Bird Rescue, Inc. works diligently to provide our community with humane solutions to wild bird problems. Their volunteers rescue sick, injured and orphaned birds, rehabilitate them, and then release the birds back into their natural habitats. They accept sick, injured and orphaned wild birds from the Humane Society, Animal Control, Texas Parks and Wildlife, veterinarians and the public. 

To learn more or provide a helping hand click this link to browse their website.

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The lives of local pets depend on you.