Local Transport with P.E.T.S.!

P.E.T.S. is offering local transport for pet services! We have been picking up and returning pets from rural communities surrounding Wichita Falls for many years but will begin offering the same for pet owners locally. Transportation is a problem for many pet owners and we want to make sure anyone needing our services has the ability to receive them.

If you are on government assistance and do not have transportation for your pet, please let us know. Our new grant allows us to pick up your pet and return them at no charge to you.

If you are NOT on government assistance and just cannot get to our clinic during our regular hours, call us for arrangements. We will pick up and return your pet for surgery or preventative care for $10 per pet. We know our location and our hours are prohibitive to some but your pet’s health is important to us so let us help. Avoid the lines and the wait for just $10 by scheduling transport of your pet to and from our clinic.