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Ayuda para Mascotas

Thanks to the generosity of The Priddy Foundation, P.E.T.S. is overjoyed to announce that we will continue to fight pet overpopulation but in a new way.

For the last 5 years, we have had similar programs aimed at pet owners receiving government assistance. Aptly named, Ayuda para Mascotas (Help for P.E.T.S.) will initiate new relationships with pet owners, improve the quality of life for pets, and make the biggest impact in pet overpopulation by allowing us to serve those that need us most.

Ayuda para Mascotas is a tool for our Out-Reach Team and will reduce the cost of surgery for animals of low-income pet owners to $10.00. Since our surgery prices are already extremely reasonable, this means pet owners who may be struggling financially will be able to spay and neuter their pets for very little cost. It also means we will have the flexibility to waive this $10 copay and even offer extra incentives like free rabies and free city tags to pet owners living in select areas of Wichita Falls.

If we want to continue decreasing euthanasia and intake of homeless animals, we need new and creative ways of targeting hard to reach pet owners. Our Out-Reach team goes door to door in our target areas each week to make sure pet owners know about PETS .

To make an appointment, just call us at (940) 723-PETS (7387).

Proof of government assistance will be required.

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