PETS Clinic of Wichita Falls

The 2019 P.E.T.S. Pack

Annual Campaign Donors

Alpha: $5000

Dr. Stephen & Becky Farmer

*Paul and Leslie Harrelson

Dr. Richard & Tammy Pena

Blaine S. Purcell, DVM, MD in Honor of Paris

Beta: $1000

Damien & Jennifer Mount

Ed & Rita Vokes

FG Haggerty Company

*Racheal Carlile, Tripper, Ebony & Midnight

Micah, Jessica & Montag Boyer

*Jaclyn Burke in Honor of Lexi Burke

*Alice Shaffer in Memory of Paul Shaffer

Mike Mount in Memory of Frank Mount

*Angela & Steven Carter in Memory of Torrie & Lucie Carter

*Greg & Maggie King

*Don & Jan Herzog

*Jay & Leanne Cottrell

*Dean Dale Pet Clinic

*Cothran Construction

*Robert & Sally Hastings

*George, Ashley, Gizmo, Penny, Murray & Oreo Tipton

Hank & Nancy Anderson

*Gary Heaston

*Don & Karen Hamlin

Lori Suggs & the Cosmetic Laser Center

Dr. Bernard & Lael Burton

Best Case Properties

*Libra Foundation

*Stephanie & Nick Bennett

*Anne Howe

Lindy & Dana Parr

Robert & Michele Weber

Deborah Camp

Delta: $500

*April & Dustin Rhodes in Honor of Jan Herzog

Tanya Ruff

*Amber Gilmore

*Aaron & Courtney Peloquin

Glen & Linda Veach

*Jay & Becky Awtrey

Sandra Rogers in Memory of Shine Casper

*Kendra, Kerry, Kohen & Kresee Maroney

*Manolo, Rally, Beatrice, Dot & Jimmy Choo

*Mike & Geraldine Morris in Memory of Jeral & Nancy Cothran

*Dave & Joann Johnson

Lyle Riley


Art’s Exterminators

Peggy Kimbell

*Anibal Guevara in memory of Samson the Hyena

*Joel & Samantha McMahen-Abeyta in Honor of Jan Herzog

Jim & Ann McWhorter

Michelle Niebur

Gamma: $350

Faye Skelton

*Marissa Ayers

*Marvin Peevey in Memory of Weego

Unraveled Travel, LLC

*Kellie Ann Poole

*Brenna Partain in Memory of Jax Barkley

Candi McKee

*The Yoder Family in Memory of Maya

Richard & Barbara Eckert

Ed & Becky Pfeiffer

The Whiteley Family

*David Shipman

Ben & Annette Ezzell

Zeta: $250

Katy’s Dog Sanctuary

Bill & Vale Holland

*Joanie Harvey

Pat Hoeft in Honor of Carley & Charlie

T.M. Williams

Linda Green & Ricky Williams

Linda Casper in Honor of the Chain-Off Crew

*Norah Bronaugh

*Kerin Anthony-Harrell in Memory of Saydee Sue, Mitzee, Libee & Preslee

Charles E. Goin, Jr.

Billie Brooks

First National Bank

Nancy Payne

George W. Iliffe, Jr. in Honor of Sandra Cagle-Iliffe

*Kenny & Debbie Osborn

Ginger Metcalf in Memory of Brooksie

Gary & Donna Case

Paul & Debbie Renton

Union Square Federal Credit Union

Lexi Bolin in Honor of Dan

Rick & Sue Finn, Midwest Office Supply

Louis & Julie C. Wilson

J. Thorton

Terri Decker

Ben & Mandy Young

Two Sisters Bakery

*Sandra Hoard

*Tami Fisher

Jet Richie

(* Denotes P.E.T.S. Family)

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