Coffee Gift Box: Grill Master




If you or someone in your life loves coffee and grilling or cooking, we have got the perfect unique coffee gift they will love. If you are this person, grab it, wrap it, and put a tag on it, “From: Santa. To : You,” for Christmas morning! In addition to selecting two bags of amazing single origin organic coffee from H&L Coffee Co., you’ll also be picking up two Kenny’s Seasonings that have been nicknamed just for P.E.T.S., the mild “Belly Rub” and the spicy “Cathouse.” All of your friends and family will be wondering what your new secret weapon is on the grill or in the kitchen!

Your friends or family will also love knowing that proceeds from this unique coffee gift will go to support your local nonprofit P.E.T.S. Clinic!

We hope you’ll follow the link and head over to see all the awesome ways the local Wichita Falls Firemen Coffee Roasters at H&L Coffee Co. are helping P.E.T.S. help the dogs and cats in our community!


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