Kenny’s Seasonings – Mild, Cajun, & Hot


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Kenny’s Seasonings has agreed to nickname their amazing seasoning and dry rub flavors and let the proceeds benefit the P.E.T.S. Clinic. These are incredibly tasty additions whether your using them as dry rubs on your chicken, steak, or fish, or you’re sprinkling on a salad or other dishes. You’ll have your friends and family asking what your secret is, but you’ll never tell! Add that special something to all your dishes while benefiting local animal welfare through P.E.T.S.! Your meals will taste even better knowing you’re helping to save and improve lives while enjoying all the delicious flavors Kenny’s has to offer!

We offer three amazing spice levels with equally awesome nicknames:

  • “Belly Rub” – Mild
  • “Gnaw O’Leans” – Cajun
  • “Cathouse” – Hot


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